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Live It Nutrition offers the opportunity to partner with a Registered Dietitian and put into place lifestyle changes that will help you reach your health and nutrition goals. You will gain an understanding of exercise, nutrition, and insulin. Their interplay is the answer to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. With exercise and nutrition you are implementing powerful strategies that can reverse insulin resistance and prevent the consequences of overweight/obesity. There are no more “diets”; there is a way of eating that will help you look and feel amazing; you will lose weight and keep it off.  Now you are “living it”.

How Will I Lose Weight? Through an understanding of HOW you gain weight you can put in place the strategies to lose it. You will learn about the science of nutrition and the physiology of the body and how the two create a powerful blueprint for permanent weight loss. Imagine redesigning yourself, and becoming a new person with regard to exercise and nutrition. Determine what works for you. The choices are yours. Consider this a wonderful on-going process; where changes will at some point become your normal. Regardless of how much weight you want to lose, think 10% initially. This is realistic, and research shows that as little as a 5 to 7% weight loss can reverse pre-diabetes.

A Nutrition Counseling Partnership is offered for: overweight, obesity, pre-diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. The 4 conditions are part of a continuum. Research shows that overweight/obesity begins the progression to pre-diabetes/metabolic syndrome. The common denominator is insulin and it’s resistance as weight gain continues, specifically belly fat. Actively incorporating exercise and nutrition will begin the process of weight loss and reversing insulin resistance. You will feel satisfied with what you eat and wonder where that sense of constant, gnawing hunger went. With exercise and nutrition you create an environment that supports weight loss.

salmonLive It Nutrition’s Approach: is rooted in the science of nutrition and the physiology of the body. When you experience this science and physiology work through healthy eating and exercise you will be convinced you are on the path to achieving your goals. Claims of, “It’s so hard to lose weight, I’m always hungry (which are true as you will be hungry eating simple CHO’s and struggling with insulin resistance) will be replaced with: “I’m eating great food and I’m satisfied, I’m not constantly hungry.” Live It Nutrition is a lifestyle approach, guiding you to make small, consistent changes that will, over time become your “norm”, your lifestyle.

Meal Plan: Live-It: Your Live It (meal plan) will be individualized for you, and it will be delicious, enjoyable, and healthy. Move away from the idea of a “diet”, and embrace the concept of a “Live It”, a meal plan that is inclusive of the foods you love, that is on-going, a part of your life. Think about what you are eating, be mindful. Move away from processed foods and look for foods in their natural state. Plan your meals around: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, low fat dairy, heart healthy fats, and lean protein from both animal and plant sources.

The framework for your Live It comes from the successful, research based strategies of the following books: South Beach Diet, Prevention’s Flat Belly Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Dash Diet, and Good Carbs, Bad Carbs. These scientific strategies will minimize hunger/cravings, bring blood sugar and insulin under control, target belly fat, help to lower blood pressure, increase your intake of fiber and antioxidants, and reduce saturated fat while increasing heart healthy MUFA’s (monounsaturated fatty acids). There are common threads running through the books that form the basis of your Live It. They are based on the science of nutrition and the physiology of your body, and they work. (See Review of Books)

With Live It Nutrition you will use your greatest asset to achieve your health and nutrition goals, you. Only you can give yourself the gift of the health you desire. Begin right now to recognize how wonderful you are, and know that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Visualize yourself at your desired weight, believe this goal is yours and begin the process of claiming it. Be positive at each step of your journey, realizing the tremendous value of what you are setting out to accomplish. Believe in yourself. Remember this is a process, and the changes you choose to make, those small but consistent steps will eventually becomes new behaviors. This is not dieting, this is living. It is developing a lifestyle that places you on a path toward your health and nutrition goals.

avocadoTake a deep breath, let go of all that has not worked in the past.   Believe that this will work for you.  The strategies that you incorporate into your LIVE IT are based on science and research. It will be like the dots have finally been connected and you have a blueprint that works. Look around you, and think critically of what is out there. Do the quick 30 day weight losses stay off?? Do the expensive pills work…..for the long term? We all know the answer. What does work, what has been proven is that a 5 to 7 % weight loss and exercise reverse pre- diabetes. When pre-diabetes and insulin resistance are reversed, the necessary environment to support weight loss has been created.  When you change the physiology of your body you are changing your life; you are a new person. One that has energy and a metabolism that works for you, not against you.

Live It Nutrition invites you to consider yourself, your body. It’s yours, and what you do to it with regard to nutrition and exercise determines what it gives back to you. If you struggle with weight, abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, elevated: blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol…the health challenges of the 21st century, know that you can gain control over all of these. It begins with you and the desire to attain a healthy lifestyle. Let your mind welcome the idea of change; once it does……you are there.

Is Live It Nutrition Right for Me? As a Registered Dietitian I will share with you the research that is known to work, and help you develop a realistic lifestyle approach based on daily exercise and healthy eating.  I am not “prescribing a diet”, we are creating a “Live It”, a meal plan that is enjoyable, nutritionally sound, and one you can follow for life. The research driven strategies that define your Live It will support weight loss and contribute significantly to your overall health. The foods we eat can lower cholesterol, increase energy levels, reverse insulin resistance, and decrease high blood pressure; let food work for you!

So, there will be nutrition education that becomes incorporated into your life. You will be choosing what to eat based on your understanding of its effects on your body, specifically on your weight loss goals.

There will be daily exercise, as it is part of the answer to permanent weight loss, and we want the best outcome for you.

There will be a partnership and together we will map out the path to your success.


With sincere wishes for your Best Health,

Rose Trevouledes, MS, RD, LDN


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